Our Review Process

We understand the importance of being rigorous because we want to bring you information that you can trust. Every step of the process is scrutinized to make sure that we’re doing the very best possible with the available information.

With this in mind, we’ve created a two-step process which has enabled us to report the most accurate findings that are independent and reliable.

But before we even get started on our assessment, we’re on the lookout for products that we think you’ll want to know about. These could be new products that are just about to hit the shelves for the first time or an existing item that’s being relaunched.

We think it’s important for you to have all the facts before you make a decision to purchase. We do the legwork so you can just check on our website if you’re thinking about buying a product. No need for you to spend hours scouring the internet; we’ve done all of that for you.

Some of the products we review will be very familiar as they’re widely available. In other cases, the product may only be available from one or two very select sources. We’re of the firm belief that just because a product is exclusive, it doesn’t mean it does the job! We treat every product the same and put them through the same very tough assessment process to see if they’re the real deal.

OK, so let’s say we’ve found a product to review – what next? Time to get stuck in…

Assessing the science behind the claims

It’s very easy to get bamboozled by faux science and if you aren’t familiar with all the technical terms, even a sham product might seem legitimate. We dig beyond the surface to look at the actual research and whether there’s any real science to back up the claims being made.

We consider the data against our two main questions:

  • Is the product safe?
  • Does it do what it claims?

We spend a long time looking for and assessing the scientific data to answer the above two points. We believe that being assured of safety and effectiveness at a scientific level are the most fundamental parts to reviewing any product and we always take our time to make sure we’ve not left a single stone uncovered.

Check out past reviews

This is a tricky area due to the rise of fraudulent reviews which are nothing more than paid marketing. To wheedle out the genuine comments, look for verified reviews; this tells you that a purchase has been made and the reviewer is likely to be providing real feedback.

We want to know what real men think when they use the product and the best way to find this out quickly, safely and reliably is to sort through verified reviews and see what’s being said.

Ready to hear the outcome?

Once we’ve diligently carried out all the research necessary, we’re able to share the results with you, our audience. When we bring you a completed review of a product, we’ll run through all the important elements including our own rating for effectiveness.

You can trust us to bring you honest and independent reviews, backed by many hours of painstaking scientific research. Truly unique, our product reviews are the first place you should check before making a future purchase.