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Mbpractice emerges as a promising solution in the realm of mental health practice management, offering a well-rounded suite of features tailored to clinicians’ needs. Its emphasis on evidence-based treatments and support for underserved communities sets it apart in the market. With a competitive pricing structure and user-friendly interface, Mbpractice seems to address key pain points faced by mental health professionals. However, the true test lies in its scalability, adaptability to different practice sizes, and overall user satisfaction, making it a compelling option worth exploring further.

Key Takeaways

  • User-friendly interface prioritizing clinician needs
  • Comprehensive tools aligned with evidence-based treatments
  • Pricing starts at $39 per month
  • Specializes in private pay practices
  • Premium add-ons available for enhanced functionality

Key Features of MBP

The key features of MBpractice (MBP) encompass a user-friendly interface and comprehensive tools tailored to support evidence-based treatments in a clinician-focused design. MBP stands out by prioritizing the needs of clinicians, offering a streamlined approach to documentation and treatment planning. With an intuitive design, clinicians can focus on patient care rather than administrative tasks, leading to improved efficiency in managing clinical practices.

MBP’s tools are specifically crafted to align with evidence-based treatments, ensuring that clinicians have the necessary resources to deliver high-quality care. From automated questionnaires to customizable templates, MBP aims to enhance the therapeutic process and encourage best practices. The system also supports underserved communities and research initiatives, reflecting a commitment to improving patient outcomes across diverse populations.

Pricing and Plans Overview

Delve into the structured pricing and plans framework of MBpractice to gain a comprehensive understanding of its financial offerings.

MBpractice offers an Individual Plan priced at $39 per month and a Group Practice Plan at $44 per month. The starting price remains at $39.00 per month, with the option for a free trial but no free version available. Premium add-ons such as Telehealth and E-Scripts are available, along with insurance billing services. For specific details, interested parties are encouraged to contact the sales team.

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MBpractice specializes in catering to private pay practices, ensuring a seamless experience from intake to invoice. The system also provides additional premium features to enhance user experience, making it a cost-effective solution for practitioners seeking efficient practice management tools.

With competitive pricing compared to similar platforms, MBpractice aims to provide value for mental and behavioral health professionals looking for a reliable EHR system with comprehensive features and functionalities.

User Reviews and Feedback

Reviews of the MBpractice EHR system have been overwhelmingly positive, with users praising its streamlined documentation process, improved communication with patients, simplified billing, and enhanced patient portal experience. Clinicians have highlighted the system’s efficiency in managing clinical notes, automated questionnaires, easy note-taking, and automated payments and invoicing.

Users appreciate the system’s focus on evidence-based clinical notes, routine outcome measures, HIPAA compliance, telehealth capabilities, and secure messaging. While some users have suggested improvements such as better reminder features, faster customer service response times, and enhanced tablet integration, overall feedback indicates satisfaction with the system’s user-friendly interface, customizable templates, integrated scheduling, and reporting and analytics features.

The MBpractice EHR system has garnered an impressive overall rating of 4.9, with users particularly valuing its ease-of-use and ability to support their clinical practices effectively.

Comparison With Competitors

Users have expressed positive feedback regarding the functionality and effectiveness of the MBpractice EHR system for mental and behavioral health professionals, prompting an evaluation of its competitive standing against industry counterparts.

When compared to competitors like AdvancedMD EHR, Valant EHR Suite, ProviderSuite, and Chiro QuickCharts, MBpractice offers unique advantages.

AdvancedMD EHR stands out for its cloud-based system, mobile access, billing tools, patient engagement features, and e-prescribing capabilities.

Valant EHR Suite excels in behavioral health specialization, outcome measurement tools, treatment planning assistance, telehealth integration, and compliance with industry standards.

ProviderSuite highlights practice management tools, revenue cycle management, patient portal services, interoperability with other systems, and decision support functionality.

MBpractice distinguishes itself with a highly rated EHR system, client-focused features, comprehensive clinical practice management, cost-effective pricing starting at $39 per month, and additional premium add-ons for telehealth and electronic prescriptions, making it a competitive choice in the market.

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Client Management Benefits

Efficient organization of client caseload is a key aspect of maximizing the client management benefits offered by the MBpractice EHR system for mental and behavioral health professionals. By utilizing MBpractice, clinicians can easily access commonly used pages, categorize clients effectively, and streamline the archiving and searching processes. The system provides an informative and user-friendly client chart face sheet, enhancing the overall client management experience.

Moreover, MBpractice offers methods for seamlessly migrating existing practices onto the platform, ensuring a smooth transition without disruptions to ongoing client care. This organized approach to client management not only saves time but also enhances the quality of care provided by mental and behavioral health professionals. With MBpractice’s client management features, clinicians can focus more on delivering effective treatments and interventions, ultimately improving client outcomes and satisfaction.

Cost and Pricing Details

The pricing structure and details of My Best Practice EHR system are transparent and competitive within the market for mental and behavioral health professionals. The monthly cost for a single practitioner starts at $39, with an additional $19 per practitioner.

Premium add-ons are available for telehealth and electronic prescriptions, while additional fees may apply for insurance claims, credit card processing, and certain features. Despite these additional costs, the pricing remains competitive when compared to similar platforms in the industry.

My Best Practice EHR system offers affordable options for practitioners looking to streamline their practice management and enhance patient care. By providing transparent pricing details and offering premium add-ons for specific needs, the system caters to the diverse requirements of mental health professionals while ensuring cost-effectiveness.

This straightforward approach to pricing enables practitioners to budget effectively and access the necessary tools to deliver high-quality care to their patients.

User Feedback and Comparisons

Upon reviewing user feedback and comparisons, it becomes evident that My Best Practice EHR system has garnered overwhelmingly positive responses from mental and behavioral health professionals. Users have highlighted the ease of use and customization options as standout features of the platform. The system’s data-driven capabilities have been praised for aiding therapy success and improving client outcomes. Comparisons with other platforms like SimplePractice and TheraPlatform have emphasized My Best Practice’s superior features, usability, costs, and functionalities.


Negative reviews have led to product improvements, showcasing the company’s commitment to enhancing user experience. Users have particularly appreciated the responsive customer service provided by My Best Practice. The platform’s focus on automating tasks for efficiency, combined with its comprehensive features for managing clinical practices, has positioned it as a top choice among professionals in the mental and behavioral health field.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can MBP Integrate With Other Electronic Health Record Systems?

Yes, My Best Practice EHR system can integrate with other electronic health record systems to facilitate seamless data sharing and interoperability. This feature enhances collaboration, efficiency, and continuity of care across different healthcare platforms.

Is There a Mobile App Available for MBP Users?

Yes, a mobile app is available for My Best Practice users, enhancing accessibility and convenience. The app offers on-the-go access to critical features, ensuring seamless client management, treatment planning, note-taking, and other functionalities for clinicians.

Are There Any Training Resources Provided for New MBP Users?

Training resources are available for new users, offering detailed walkthroughs of EHR features, real-time interface experiences, simplified workflows, insurance billing recommendations, and demos lasting 30-60 minutes. Contact the sales team for specifics and support.

Does MBP Offer Any Data Migration Assistance for Transitioning Practices?

Yes, data migration assistance is available for transitioning practices with tailored support. Our team ensures a seamless transfer of your data to My Best Practice, optimizing the process for a smooth transition.

Can MBP Support Multi-Location Practices or Clinics?

Multi-location practices or clinics benefit from software that supports seamless operations across sites. Integration of scheduling, billing, and client management features ensures efficient workflow. Contact our sales team for details on how our system can support your multi-location practice.


In conclusion, Mbpractice offers mental health professionals a comprehensive and cost-effective platform for client management.

With its user-friendly interface, evidence-based tools, and focus on supporting underserved communities, Mbpractice enhances the efficiency of documentation and treatment planning.

The competitive pricing starting at $39 per month makes it a valuable option for clinicians seeking a robust EHR system for their practice.