Natural remedies for intestinal parasites

Natural Remedies For Intestinal Parasites and Prevention Tips

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Are you suffering from the discomfort and health risks of intestinal parasites? Look no further, we’ve got the solution for you.

This article will give you valuable information on natural remedies and prevention tips. Intestinal worms can cause symptoms like stomach pain, diarrhea, weight loss, and weakness.

But don’t worry, nature has provided us with effective remedies. Coconut, garlic, unripe papaya, and pumpkin seeds possess anti-parasitic properties that can eliminate these invaders.

Stay tuned to discover how these remedies can promote a healthier, parasite-free life.

Key Takeaways

  • Roundworm, whipworm, pinworm, and tapeworm are the most harmful types of intestinal worms.
  • Intestinal worms can be caused by contaminated food or water, mosquitoes, sexual contact, and even via the nose and skin.
  • Coconut and garlic are effective home remedies for expelling intestinal worms.
  • Unripe papaya and pumpkin seeds also have anti-parasitic properties and can help eliminate intestinal worms.
Natural remedies for intestinal parasites
Natural remedies for intestinal parasites and prevention tips 3

Types and Causes of Intestinal Worms

The most harmful types of intestinal worms that you should be aware of are roundworm, whipworm, pinworm, and tapeworm. These worms can cause serious health problems and can be transmitted through various means. Contaminated food or water, mosquitoes, sexual contact, and even exposure through the nose and skin can lead to the infestation of these worms.

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Poor hygiene, exposure to places with parasites, a weak immune system, and consuming raw or undercooked meat can also contribute to the problem. While the prevalence of intestinal worms is higher in tropical and subtropical regions, it’s still a concern worldwide.

Being aware of these worms and their causes is important in order to prevent and treat any infestations.

Symptoms of Intestinal Worms

You may experience a range of symptoms, including stomach pain, dysentery, gas, bad breath, diarrhea, excessive hunger, restless sleep, itching around the rectum, anemia, weight loss, weakness, frequent headaches, nausea, pain in the legs, and nutritional disorders if you have intestinal worms.

Different types of worms may cause different symptoms, so it’s important to recognize these symptoms for early detection and treatment. Stomach pain and dysentery are commonly associated with roundworms, while pinworms can cause itching around the rectum. Tapeworms may lead to weight loss and weakness, while whipworms can cause frequent headaches and anemia.

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, it’s advised to consult a healthcare professional for proper diagnosis and treatment.

Coconut as a Home Remedy

To treat intestinal parasites at home, try incorporating coconut into your diet and consuming castor oil and warm milk.

Coconut has been used as a natural remedy for centuries due to its antiparasitic properties. Eating one tablespoon of crushed coconut with breakfast, followed by one glass of warm milk with two tablespoons of castor oil after three hours, can help eliminate intestinal worms.

Additionally, consuming extra virgin coconut oil in an amount of four to six tablespoons daily can expel parasites from the body. However, it’s important to note that people with gastrointestinal diseases and children should avoid taking castor oil.

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Garlic as a Home Remedy

Eating three cloves of raw garlic on an empty stomach every day for one week can effectively eliminate all types of intestinal worms. Raw garlic contains sulfur-containing amino acids that have anti-parasitic properties, making it an excellent home remedy for getting rid of intestinal worms.

You can also try boiling two crushed garlic cloves in half a cup of milk and drinking it on an empty stomach every day for one week. This remedy can also help eliminate intestinal worms.

Garlic is a natural and easily accessible remedy that can provide relief from intestinal parasites. So, if you’re looking for a simple and effective way to deal with intestinal worms, give garlic a try and see the results for yourself.

Unripe Papaya and Pumpkin Seeds as Home Remedies

If you’re dealing with intestinal parasites, consider using unripe papaya and pumpkin seeds as home remedies. Unripe papaya contains the enzyme papain, which destroys intestinal worms. You can mix one tablespoon of fresh raw papaya juice with honey and four tablespoons of hot water, and drink it every morning on an empty stomach. Follow it up with warm milk with two tablespoons of castor oil after two hours. Pumpkin seeds, on the other hand, contain a compound called cucurbitacin, which has anti-parasitic properties. To use pumpkin seeds as a remedy, add two tablespoons of peeled and crushed pumpkin seeds to three cups of boiling water. Allow it to steep for 30 minutes, and then drink the concoction. This can help paralyze and expel intestinal worms.

Unripe PapayaPumpkin Seeds
Contains papain that destroys intestinal wormsContains cucurbitacin with anti-parasitic properties
Mix one tablespoon of fresh raw papaya juice with honey and hot water, drink every morning on an empty stomachAdd two tablespoons of peeled and crushed pumpkin seeds to boiling water, steep for 30 minutes, and drink the concoction

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Intestinal Worms Be Transmitted From Person to Person?

Yes, intestinal worms can be transmitted from person to person through various means like contaminated food or water, sexual contact, and even via the nose and skin. It is important to take preventive measures to avoid such transmission.

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Are There Any Preventive Measures to Avoid Getting Intestinal Worms?

To prevent getting intestinal worms, you should practice good hygiene, wash your hands regularly, avoid consuming contaminated food or water, cook meat thoroughly, and avoid contact with parasites.

Are There Any Specific Populations That Are More Susceptible to Intestinal Worms?

Some populations, like those in tropical and subtropical countries, are more susceptible to intestinal worms. Factors such as poor hygiene, exposure to parasite-infested areas, and weak immune systems increase the risk.

How Long Does It Usually Take for Home Remedies to Effectively Get Rid of Intestinal Worms?

Home remedies can take varying amounts of time to effectively get rid of intestinal worms. It depends on factors like the type of worms, severity of infestation, and consistency of treatment.

Are There Any Potential Side Effects or Risks Associated With Using Natural Remedies for Intestinal Worms?

There may be potential side effects or risks associated with using natural remedies for intestinal worms. It’s important to research and consult a healthcare professional to ensure the remedies are safe for you.


In conclusion, natural remedies such as coconut, garlic, unripe papaya, and pumpkin seeds can be effective in treating and preventing intestinal parasites.

By incorporating these remedies into your daily routine, you can eliminate unwanted invaders from your body and promote a healthier, parasite-free life.

Remember to practice good hygiene, avoid consuming undercooked meat, and be mindful of your surroundings to reduce the risk of contracting intestinal worms.

Stay proactive and take control of your health with these natural remedies.

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